Laipson & Hyundai Biotech has won the national first-class new veterinary drug registration certific


The worlds first: Laipson & Hyundai Biotech has won the national first-class new veterinary drug registration certificate Recently, the Ministry of Agriculture and Rural Affairs issued Announcement No. 346. The "Mycoplasma capricolum subspeci

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Low frequency ear tag performance introduction


Low-frequency electronic ear tags are radio frequency identification tags that work in the low-frequency LF frequency band. They are mainly used in the livestock industry to trace and slaughter livestock.Production management, livestock insurance business

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Laipson’s “Research Development and Industrialization of African Swine Fever Prevention and Control


We are serious about making diagnostic products The first domestic company to obtain the certificate of the second-class new veterinary drug of the African swine fever virus fluorescent PCR detection kit。 Laipson’s national patented pr

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2020 Laipson Yan'an Remodeling Tour


The Laipson animal ear tags & test kits departments went to Yanan Revolutionary Holy Land to visit and study and receive traditional revolution education. We visited Liangjiahe, Zaoyuan, Wangjiaping, Yangjialing, Yanan Revolutionary Memorial Hall and

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Laipson new environmental and safe breeding farm animal marking crayons


Veterinary marking crayons are commonly used marking tools in pig farms. They can be used for information checking, vaccination, and breeding. It is simple to operate and has strong practicability.The features of the product are as follows:1.Safe and non-

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The 11th China Dairy Industry Conference And Leman Exhibition


The 11th China Dairy Industry Exhibition and Leman Exhibition were held as scheduled, and industry professionals attended.

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Functions of electronic ear tags


Functions of electronic ear tags, Electronic ear tags are the most common equipment in farms. It has an identification function to intelligently record and monitor the feeding, health and weight of livestock and poultry. The main functions of electronic e

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Laispson Cattle Goat Sheep Ear Tag Male and female Ear Tag


LAIPSON 50mm x 42mm plastic metal tip metallic pins male tag in YellowProduct Details: MODEL:VM406@VF101MATERIAL:TOP QUALITY TPUSIZE(F):L X W= 48mm x41mmSIZE(M):Φ X H= 50mm x 42mmCOLOR:YELLOW/RED/BLUE/ORANGE/PINKAPPLICATION:PIG/CALF/GOAT/SHEE…

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