Laipson’s “Research Development and Industrialization of African Swine Fever Prevention and Control


We are serious about making diagnostic products

      The first domestic company to obtain the certificate of the second-class new veterinary drug of the African swine fever virus fluorescent PCR detection kit。

      Laipson’s national patented product portable detector + African swine fever detection reagents have played a huge role in the prevention and control of African swine fever, and provided accurate measures for the development of African swine fever prevention and control measures for the Ministry of Agriculture and Rural Affairs and various provinces, municipalities and autonomous regions. Efficient data support has been widely recognized by relevant agricultural and rural departments and governments at all levels.

     Laipson adheres to the development concept of scientific research and innovation. The company invests more than 8% of its operating income into R&D and innovation every year. It has successively established a R&D team and post-doctoral R&D base led by experts from the national "Thousand Talents Program" to influence and drive the industry through innovation Rapid development.

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