Small RFID One Piece Sheep Ear tag Applicator

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  • model:P10
  • Brand:Laipson
  • Color:Blue,black
  • Size:L x W = 198mm x 35mm x18mm
  • Application:Installing animal ear tags
  • Package:1pcs/bag, 50pcs/carton
  • Material:Aluminum Alloy
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Model P10
Size L x W = 198mm x 35mm x 18mm
Color Blue,black
Application Installing animal ear tags
Package 1pcs/bag, 50pcs/carton




1. Lever principle adopted to save efforts.
2. Special design makes it easier to install ear tags.

3.This product is made of zinc alloy, painted on the surface, and has bright colors.

4.It is specially used by animal husbandry and veterinarians for epidemic prevention, identification and other tracking management animals.

5.It has the characteristics of convenient adjustment, sturdiness and durability.

6.The range of ear tags used is dedicated to small conjoined sheep ear tags.

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