New 30mm Round Colorful Visual TPU Sheep Piglet Goat Cow Ear Tag For Tracking


Pig Ear Tag Product Details:MODE:VF102-YSize:L x H = 30mm x 12mmUse: Pig/goat/sheep/horse/other ear tagsColor:Blue/Yellow/pink/blue/orangeCertificates:ISO9001:2021, ISO14001, SGS, ROHSWorking temperature:-40°C~65°CPackage: 100pcs/bag, 2000

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Electronic ear tags, make the pig farm more efficient breeding!


With the development of pig industrialization and scale upgrading, digital management plays a key role in biosecurity control of pig farms and effective tracking and tracing of pigs in the context of African swine fever.The traditional pig management reli

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Laipson one piece cattle ear tag for livestock


Z-type digital ear tag for dairy is non-toxic, non-odor, non-irritating, non-polluting, resistant to hydrolysis, high and low temperature and microbial resistance.Effectively prevent the damage of organic acids, water and salt solutions, and mineral acids

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Basf TPU New One Piece Sheep Goat Identification Ear Tag For Sheep Goat Farm Tracking


TPU Sheep Ear Tag Product Details:MODE: W-VF302Size:36.5*12mmUse:Sheep/goat/pig/cow/horse/other ear tagsColor:Yellow/Red/black/pink/blue/green/or OEMWorking temperature:-40°C~65°CCertificates:ISO9001:2021, ISO14001, SGS, ROHSPackage:100pcs

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Bluetooth Ear Tag Let Livestock Management Become Easy!


In recent years, with peoples increasing attention to food safety, ecological environment and other issues, the supervision of biological assets has become an urgent problem to be solved. The traditional means of biological assets supervision are often in

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High stability RFID pigeon ring with Chips for control management


High Stability RFID Pigeon Ring With Chips For Control Management RFID Pigeon Ring Product Details:MODE: R02Size:11*11*8mmUse: Chickens, ducks and geese, all birdsColor:Red/yellow/pink/blue/green/or OEMReading range:1-5CMMaterial:ABSCertificates:ISO9001:2

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Laipson appeared in the 9th Hebei animal husbandry and Veterinary Science and Technology Development


The 2023 was organized by the Hebei Provincial Association of Animal Husbandry and veterinary medicine from December 8 to 10, the ninth Hebei Provincial Conference on the development of animal husbandry and veterinary science and Technology and the beijin

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110mm*76mm tpu large single cow sheep ear tags with printing numbers for cattle sheep farm


Z-tag Cow Ear Tag Product Details:MODE: W-VS201Size:110mm x 76mmUse:Cattle/ cow/cattle/goat/pig/horse/other ear tagsColor:Red/black/pink/blue/green/or OEMWorking temperature:-40°C~65°CCertificates:ISO9001:2021, ISO14001, SGS, ROHSPackage:1

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