Electric Ear Tag Install Tool Ear Tags Applicators Pliers for Cattle sheep Livestock


Product Features of Electric Animal Ear Tag Plier1.Automatic vertical pressing, saving time and effort2.Gear rebound is not easy to bend the needle3.Reduce animal stress response4.Working long hours without tiring hands5.Improve work efficiencyBattery Ins

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Xinjiang Hami highway animal and plant quarantine station in Laipson exchange study


Xinjiang Hami highway animal and plant quarantine station in Laipson exchange study Recently, at the invitation of the Bureau of Agriculture and rural areas of Luoyang, the Xinjiang Hami highway animal and Plant Quarantine Station walked into Luoyang Laip

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New High Sensitivity RFID FDX-B Pig Sheep Cow Round Ear Tag For Farm


RFID Pig Ear Tag Product Details:MODE:FLF405-02(封口)Size:31*13.3MMFrequency:134.2KHZUse: Pig/sheep/cattle/horse/other ear tagsColor:Red/pink/blue/orange/redCertificates:ISO9001:2021, ISO14001, SGS, ROHSWorking temperature:-40°C~65°CPackag…

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2023 New Medium polyurethane material tamper proof cow cattle goat ear tag for farm


Cow Ear Tag Product Details:MODE:VF202-YSize:L x H = 80mm x 56mmUse: Cattle/cow/sheep/horse/other ear tagsColor:Yellow/pink/blue/orangeCertificates:ISO9001:2021, ISO14001, SGS, ROHSWorking temperature:-40°C~65°CPackage: 100pcs/bag, 2000pcs

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Laipson re-won the FMD series of Veterinary Drug Product Approval Number!


In accordance with the relevant provisions of the regulations on the administration of veterinary drugs and the measures for the administration of the number of approval documents for veterinary drugs, the Ministry of Agriculture and Rural Affairs of Chin

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Laipson TPU Animal Cattle Sheep Ear Tag Delivery Site


Professional staff will wrap film, and seal cartons in a solid way to assure package intact when partners receive.The transportation methods of Laipson ear tag products are also relatively diversified, which can be selected by customers and can be shipped

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