Laipson Party branch to carry out the party members theme day activities


On the morning of March 7, the Laipson Party branch held a theme day for party members to learn the spirit of the“Two sessions” and forge ahead in the party building conference room. Under the bright light of the party flag, the cadres

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860MHZ UHF RFID TPU Material Sheep goat Leg Band For From Tracking


860MHZ UHF RFID TPU Material Sheep Goat Leg Band For From TrackingUHF RFID Cattle Cow Tag Product Details:MODE:UR301Size:147*14MMFrequency:860-960MHZUse: Sheep/cattle/horse/other ear tagsColor:Yellow/blue/orange/redCertificates:ISO9001:2021, ISO14001, SGS

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All Of Laipson Ear Tag Factory Employees Wishes All Ladies Happy International Women's Day


March 8 is International Womens Day, on this special day Laipson ear tag manufacturer prepared gifts for each lady, showing the Laipsons love and care for each female compatriot. In addition, the Laipson also gave each lady an extra half-day paid vacation

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Modern Biology Group Military Training Held Successfully In 2024


On the military training ground, Modern Biological Group all employeeswantonly sprinkled the sweat of their Gunbuster, showing our new style.The step sonorous is powerful, the movement is in unison, the vision is firm, the military training, the training

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Laipson TPU Visual Cow Cattle Rfid Leg TAG Band For Distinguish The Disease


Cattle Leg Band Product Details:MODE:VR202Size:590mm×30mm×3mmUse:Cattle/pig/sheep/goat/horse/other ear tagsColor:Red/Yellow/blue/green/or OEMFrequency:125khz/134.2KHZReference standard:ISO11785/FDX-BCow goat Leg Tag Advantages:1.Top Qu

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Gather strength to start a new journey,the 2024 annual meeting of Laipson was held grandly


Mr. Wang Shanpu, chairman of the Modern Biology Group, made a brilliant summary for the 2023. Looking back on the road we came back from, we braved all difficulties and had no fear. Only then did we have a little achievement today. This year we adhere to

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New 30mm Round Colorful Visual TPU Sheep Piglet Goat Cow Ear Tag For Tracking


Pig Ear Tag Product Details:MODE:VF102-YSize:L x H = 30mm x 12mmUse: Pig/goat/sheep/horse/other ear tagsColor:Blue/Yellow/pink/blue/orangeCertificates:ISO9001:2021, ISO14001, SGS, ROHSWorking temperature:-40°C~65°CPackage: 100pcs/bag, 2000

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Electronic ear tags, make the pig farm more efficient breeding!


With the development of pig industrialization and scale upgrading, digital management plays a key role in biosecurity control of pig farms and effective tracking and tracing of pigs in the context of African swine fever.The traditional pig management reli

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