Standard practice for operation of Laipson Injection cattle ear tags


The implanted rfid microchip tag developed by Laipson is small in size,Global,Security,The animal body does not reject,Long service life,Microchip implantation site injury is small, the implantation way is more convenient.

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Customization TOP Material Cattle Cow Animal Ear Tag For Cattle Goat Farm


Customization TOP Material Cattle Cow Animal Ear Tag For Cattle Goat FarmZ-tag Cattle Ear Tag Product Details:MODE: W-VS201Size:110mm x 76mmUse:Cattle/ cow/cattle/sheep/pig/horse/other ear tagsColor:Yellow/black/pink/blue/green/or OEMWorking temperature:-

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Luoyang Boce officially approved by CNAS laboratory!


Luoyang Boce officially approved by CNAS laboratory!Luoyang Boce has been approved by CNAS, which indicates that our laboratory has reached the internationally recognized level of management and testing technology, and can provide testing services accurat

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An“Identity card”, to achieve the management of animal farming digital and intelligen


In its efforts to build smart sensors and Semiconductor industry chains, Henan has paid particular attention to guiding key enterprises to build on their own characteristics, step up research and development, and form an industrial advantage. In Luoyang,

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High Stability RFID Pigeon Ring With Chips For Control Management


High stability RFID pigeon ring with Chips for control managementRFID Pigeon Ring Product Details:MODE: R02Size:11*11*8mmUse: Chickens, ducks and geese, all birdsColor:Red/yellow/pink/blue/green/or OEMReading range:1-5CMMaterial:ABSCertificates:ISO9001:20

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Digital identification tag,Laipson get the lab animals certified!


Laboratory animals are of irreplaceable importance in scientific research. According to incomplete statistics, rats in the experimental animals accounted for nearly 70% . For scientific management of experimental animals, Laipson independently developed a

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Customization TPU material Cattle Animal Ear Tag With Serial Number For Farm


Customization TPU material Cattle Animal Ear Tag With Serial Number For FarmOne Piece Ear Tag Product Details:MODE:W- VS202Size:L x H = 82mm*62mmUse: Cattle,cow,goat sheep,ovine,,pig,boar...Color:Blue,purple,red,orange,OEM colorsCertificates:ISO9001:2021,

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High-efficient Energy, Focus On The Future-Modern biotech Group In The Year To Enable A Series Of Ac


The mid-year construction activities of the Modern Biotech Group were successfully held in the 2023 of early July.Under the theme of "Effective energy, concerted efforts", the meeting reviewed the 2023 of the first half of the year and 2023 a ne

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