NEW Small TPU Single Ear Tag With Laser Printing Digits For Sheep Goat Farm


NEW Small TPU Single Ear Tag With Laser Printing Digits For Sheep Goat FarmGoat Ear Tag Product Details:MODE:W- VS302Size:L x H = 87MM*10MMUse: cow,sheep,ovine,goat,alpaca,pig,boar...Color:Yellow,purple,red,orange,OEM colorsCertificates:ISO9001:2021, ISO1

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134.2khz FDX-B rfid Dog Tag Chip Scanner RFID Pet Animal Temperature Microchip Scanner


Pet dog cow ear tag reader details:MODE:RL13Weight:142gUse: Cow,sheep,ovine,goat,alpaca,pig,boar...Color:Gray,OEM colorsCertificates:ISO9001:2021, ISO14001, SGS, ROHSStandard:ISO11784/5 FDX-BData storage: 20000itemTemperature Microchip Scanner Advantages:

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Good quality tpu uv resistant material blank laser printing male ear tag for cow goat cattle


Cow Cattle Ear Tag Product Details:MODE:W- VM203Size:L x H = 75MM*60MMUse: Cow,sheep,ovine,goat,alpaca,pig,boar...Color:Yellow,green,blue,purple,orange,OEM colorsCertificates:ISO9001:2021, ISO14001, SGS, ROHSWorking temperature:-40°C~65°CP

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TOP tpu Single one piece ear tag with laser printing digits for sheep goat cow


Sheep Ear Tag Product Details:MODE:W- VS301Size:L x H = 120MM*17MMUse: cow,sheep,ovine,goat,alpaca,pig,boar...Color:Blue,purple,red,orange,OEM colorsCertificates:ISO9001:2021, ISO14001, SGS, ROHSWorking temperature:-40°C~65°CPackage: 100pc

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BASF TPU Pink Round RFID Swine Goat Cattle Ear Tag For Farm Management


RFID EarTag Product Details:MODE:LF401&UF401Size:30*13MMFrequency:134.2KHZ/860-960MHZUse: Sheep/cow/horse/other ear tagsColor:Pink/white/orange/redCertificates:ISO9001:2021, ISO14001, SGS, ROHSWorking temperature:-40°C~65°CPackage: 100

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860MHZ UHF RFID TPU Material Sheep goat Leg Band For From Tracking


860MHZ UHF RFID TPU Material Sheep Goat Leg Band For From TrackingUHF RFID Cattle Cow Tag Product Details:MODE:UR301Size:147*14MMFrequency:860-960MHZUse: Sheep/cattle/horse/other ear tagsColor:Yellow/blue/orange/redCertificates:ISO9001:2021, ISO14001, SGS

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Laipson TPU Visual Cow Cattle Rfid Leg TAG Band For Distinguish The Disease


Cattle Leg Band Product Details:MODE:VR202Size:590mm×30mm×3mmUse:Cattle/pig/sheep/goat/horse/other ear tagsColor:Red/Yellow/blue/green/or OEMFrequency:125khz/134.2KHZReference standard:ISO11785/FDX-BCow goat Leg Tag Advantages:1.Top Qu

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