860MHZ UHF RFID TPU Material Sheep goat Leg Band For From Tracking


860MHZ UHF RFID TPU Material Sheep Goat Leg Band For From TrackingUHF RFID Cattle Cow Tag Product Details:MODE:UR301Size:147*14MMFrequency:860-960MHZUse: Sheep/cattle/horse/other ear tagsColor:Yellow/blue/orange/redCertificates:ISO9001:2021, ISO14001, SGS

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Laipson TPU Visual Cow Cattle Rfid Leg TAG Band For Distinguish The Disease


Cattle Leg Band Product Details:MODE:VR202Size:590mm×30mm×3mmUse:Cattle/pig/sheep/goat/horse/other ear tagsColor:Red/Yellow/blue/green/or OEMFrequency:125khz/134.2KHZReference standard:ISO11785/FDX-BCow goat Leg Tag Advantages:1.Top Qu

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New 30mm Round Colorful Visual TPU Sheep Piglet Goat Cow Ear Tag For Tracking


Pig Ear Tag Product Details:MODE:VF102-YSize:L x H = 30mm x 12mmUse: Pig/goat/sheep/horse/other ear tagsColor:Blue/Yellow/pink/blue/orangeCertificates:ISO9001:2021, ISO14001, SGS, ROHSWorking temperature:-40°C~65°CPackage: 100pcs/bag, 2000

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Laipson one piece cattle ear tag for livestock


Z-type digital ear tag for dairy is non-toxic, non-odor, non-irritating, non-polluting, resistant to hydrolysis, high and low temperature and microbial resistance.Effectively prevent the damage of organic acids, water and salt solutions, and mineral acids

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Basf TPU New One Piece Sheep Goat Identification Ear Tag For Sheep Goat Farm Tracking


TPU Sheep Ear Tag Product Details:MODE: W-VF302Size:36.5*12mmUse:Sheep/goat/pig/cow/horse/other ear tagsColor:Yellow/Red/black/pink/blue/green/or OEMWorking temperature:-40°C~65°CCertificates:ISO9001:2021, ISO14001, SGS, ROHSPackage:100pcs

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High stability RFID pigeon ring with Chips for control management


High Stability RFID Pigeon Ring With Chips For Control Management RFID Pigeon Ring Product Details:MODE: R02Size:11*11*8mmUse: Chickens, ducks and geese, all birdsColor:Red/yellow/pink/blue/green/or OEMReading range:1-5CMMaterial:ABSCertificates:ISO9001:2

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110mm*76mm tpu large single cow sheep ear tags with printing numbers for cattle sheep farm


Z-tag Cow Ear Tag Product Details:MODE: W-VS201Size:110mm x 76mmUse:Cattle/ cow/cattle/goat/pig/horse/other ear tagsColor:Red/black/pink/blue/green/or OEMWorking temperature:-40°C~65°CCertificates:ISO9001:2021, ISO14001, SGS, ROHSPackage:1

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Electric Ear Tag Install Tool Ear Tags Applicators Pliers for Cattle sheep Livestock


Product Features of Electric Animal Ear Tag Plier1.Automatic vertical pressing, saving time and effort2.Gear rebound is not easy to bend the needle3.Reduce animal stress response4.Working long hours without tiring hands5.Improve work efficiencyBattery Ins

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