UHF Reader With 4 Channels

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  • model:RU406
  • Brand:LAIPSON
  • Protocol:ISO18000-6C/6B, EPC Class 1, GEN 2
  • Frequency:860~868Mhz, 902~928Mhz, adjustable
  • Communication interface:RS232, RS485, RJ45, Wifi... Customize TCP, IP
  • Output power:0~30dBm, software adjustable
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product description

Model   RU406

Protocol standards

ISO18000-6C/6B, EPC Class 1, GEN 2

Communication Interface

RS232, RS485, RJ45, Wifi...Customize TCP, IP


860~868Mhz, 902~928Mhz, adjustable

Output power

0~30dBm, software adjustable

Anti-conflict modes

Support EPC, TID


4 or OEM


Circular polarization

Operation temperature



Automatic livestock management

Remarks 1. Applicable to UHF RFID Ear Tags, like UF206, UF207, UF208, UM401, US201, UF301...
2. Reading distance is related with RFID chip, power, reader type, environment, etc. 



1) Fully independent intellectual property design


2) Based on Impinj R2000 read-write engine design.


3) Full support for EPC CLASS1 G2, ISO18000-6B standards.


4) Working frequency 860 ~ 868MHz / 902 ~ 928MHz (can be adjusted according to different countries or regions).


5) Work with broad-spectrum frequency hopping (FHSS) or fixed-frequency transmission.


6) Output power reaches 30dBm (adjustable).


7) 4 external TNC antenna interfaces support automatic micro-tuning of the antenna and antenna failure detection.


8) Support multiple working modes such as active, response, trigger, real-time inquiry.


9) Support 800 internal tags (maximum EPC length 496bits) cache.


10) Support EPC and TID two anti-collision modes.


11) Low power consumption design, single + 9V power supply.


12) Support RS232, RJ45 (TCPIP), WiFi (optional) and other communication interfaces, optional POE network power supply.


13) Highly reliable design to meet the requirements of severe working environment.


14) Support Firmware online upgrade, can be customized embedded WinCE or Linux operating system version.

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