Animal ID Microchip Reader For Dog

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  • model:RL14
  • Brand:Laipson
  • Size:16cm
  • Color:White
  • Standard:11784/5 FDX-B
  • Reading distance:22-25cm
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product description

Model RL14
Brand Laipson







Reference Standard

FDX-B ,ISO11784/5

Reading distance

FDX-B ear tag: 22-25cm,

glass tube: 10-15cm

Operating Temperature -30°C~50°C
Language  English,..
Certificates CE、Rohs



1.Better to identify animals without getting very close to livestock. 
2. Scan rfid ear tags one by one, make sure individual identification easily and accurately. 
3. Many operation languages:  English, 
4.Scan both FDX-B, RFID ear tag.
5. Easy to carry.
6. Convenient to operate.

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Wear resistance test

Heat&cold resistance test

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