Continuous Injection Gun For Microchip Tag

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  • model:SL002
  • Brand:Laipson
  • Material:Nylon
  • Size:13*10.5cm
  • Chip size:2*12mm,2*8mm,1.4*8mm
  • Frequency:125khz/134.2KHZ
  • Color:Blue
  • Use:Dog cat RFID FDX-B Animal Microchip Tag
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product description


Model SL002
Material PP
Chip size φ x L=2mm x12mm  
Frequency 134.2Khz (LF)
Reading distance 8~13cm
Reference standard ISO11785 FDX-B
Working temperature -40°C-65°C
Application Pet/cat/dog/goat/other animals
Package 50pcs/bag, 200pcs/box; 2000pcs/carton




1. Long usage period after being implanted into animals' subcutaneous tissue.
2. Non-toxic, harmless to animals.
3. Individual identification.
4. Good stability.
5. Global application.
6. EXW factory price.
7. OEM & ODM service.

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