Veterinary automatic continuous syringe

Commodity score:

  • model:SY01
  • Brand:Laipson
  • Material:nylon
  • Type:1ml 2ml 3ml 5ml 6ml
  • Properties:Diagnosis & Injection
  • Sterilizable:-30℃-130℃
  • Application:animal husbandry
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product description

Model SY01
Material BASF TPU
Size 16*18CM
Type 1ml 2ml 3ml 5ml 6ml
Properties Diagnosis & Injection
Sterilizable -30℃-130℃
Application Animal husbandry
Color Yellow/green/blue/red/purple/black  
Certificates ISO9001:2018, ISO14001, SGS



 1.Easy to carry.
 2.Save the vaccine.
 3.Clear and accurate scale.
 4.Accurate injection.
 5.Good feeling and touching operation handle.

 6.Wash the Parts (with Distilled Water or Opened Water) when the Syringe is Not in Use to Avoid Residual Liquid.
 7.Multi Use.

 8.Apply the Medical Silicone or Paraffin to the Steering Valve and the “o-ring. Pack the components with a clean cloth and pack them in a dry place.


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