2017 hot UHF RFID ear tag for cattle


Through the efforts of technical staff, modal UF202 are developed. The product size is 98mm*73mm*2.3mm, and material is top quality TPU.Its reading distance is 0-3m by handheld reader and 0-10m by fixed reader. On the one hand ,it has high speed data tran

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A new male ear tag with metal tip has been developed


Laipson has full set of research procedure ,developed more than 60 products, obtained 31 patents. The new products (model VM403) size is 59mm*56mm*1.3mm, and material is top quality TPU. It can work between -40℃ and 60℃. It can meet different clients nee…

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Laipson top quality ear tag applicator/plier/stainless pin


Laipson ear tag pliers can provide customized Logo, letter, number, code, etc and other information.Buy the laipson ear tag pliers, you can get the stainless pin free of charge, notbend during use.

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Single TPU Cattle Ear Tag is developed


Laipson has a good news this month. A new product(model VS202) has been developed. It is middle size ear tag, and size is 82mm*62mm*1.7mm.This product uses nontoxic, non-smell, non-contamination and corrosion-resistant raw material. It can apply to calf,

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Laipson's new electronic ear tag


After months efforts, Laipsons new product UHF RFID cattle ear tag (model: UF301,size:98mm*28mm*2.3mm) has finally come to the market on Feb 6, which is a great evidence of Laipsons development & innovation ability. In addition to beautiful shape &

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Laipson high quality electronic RFID ear tags are hot selling


After several months, the model US201 has been developed. The products size is 113mm*75mm*2.3mm, and it can be applied to cattle, cow, sheep, goat, etc.It uses top quality TPU material. This ear tag not only has group identification function, but also lon

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Laipson Multifunctional plastic animal cattle /cow ear tag


LightweightSuperior retention. No tear tags™ design and its flexible material ensures that the tag will not snag and pull out, or break offIts free rotating design allows the tag to hang correctly to ensure better readability from the front and

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2017 Laipson has developed a popular Cattle Leg Band


Laipson cattle leg band size is 590mm*30mm, thickness is about 3.2mm, with best tpu material,can be used to identify animal diseases with different colors.Laipson factory is biggest manufacturer in China, in pig ear tag, cattle ear tag, sheep ear tag, tag

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