High-efficient Energy, Focus On The Future-Modern biotech Group In The Year To Enable A Series Of Ac


The mid-year construction activities of the Modern Biotech Group were successfully held in the 2023 of early July.Under the theme of "Effective energy, concerted efforts", the meeting reviewed the 2023 of the first half of the year and 2023 a new journey in the second half of the year.

Professor Jiang Xin's speech takes the landscape painting as the cut-in point, narrated the great nation craftsman spirit emphatically. The craftsmen's spirit of a great nation is to endure poverty and loneliness, to concentrate on and persevere in their fields, to cherish beauty, to seek innovation and refinement, to face every product and every process, the pursuit of extreme professional skills. Whether engaged in scientific research, artistic creation, production and life, and other industries, we need to calm down, slowly, the occupation engaged in, industry, things do a good job, is the true embodiment of the spirit of craftsmanship. To win recognition and the future!

Wang Shanpu, chairman of the Board of directors of the global situation on the impact of the livestock industry, a multi-dimensional deconstruction: in the current era of challenges and opportunities, we should seize the opportunity, make good choices, upward and refined development, to jointly create a new situation for the development of the industry. We must also strengthen the cultivation of internal skills, growth on the ability to excel, enhance professional ability, excellence, the pursuit of excellence, to achieve their professional value.

 A series of creative and interesting challenges to inspire enthusiasm and energy. Both enhance the cohesion and centripetal force of the staff, and strengthen the construction of team culture, highlight the staff for the collective honor dare to fight, strive for the first team spirit, enjoy the game, harvest the joy of success!

The blueprint has been drawn and it is time to forge ahead. In the second half of the year, all departments should not only have firm confidence, but also enhance the sense of worry, look at the present with a new vision, position the future with a new goal, plan their work with new ideas, change pressure as the driving force, and make accurate efforts, focus on the key areas of breakthrough, twist into a rope, try to make one, go all out towards a higher goal to work hard, and create a new situation for industry development.

All along, the Modern Biotech Group attaches great importance to the construction of the talent team, and devotes itself to creating a new force with innovative ability, fighting spirit, mutual help quality, big picture awareness and reliable work. Modern Biotech Group is implementing the“Reservoir” project, which aims to build a comprehensive talent system, reserve excellent talents and stimulate their potential. The program will provide young talent with opportunities for rapid growth to meet the company's future development needs. At the same time, we will also focus on the activation of talent, encourage employees to actively participate in the company's activities and projects, enhance the sense of belonging and happiness of employees.

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