Laipson Button UHF RFID Ear Tag Helpful For Inner Mongolia Cattle Identification


Laipson Button UHF RFID Ear Tag Helpful For Inner Mongolia Cattle Identification

1. Only "with identification" is called real cattle


The Inner Mongolia Autonomous Region Beef Cattle Informatization Project relies on the "Intelligent Animal Husbandry Beef Cattle Information Management System" software platform developed by Lepson, which uses the UHF electronic ear tag as the unique identity symbol, and scans and records each beef cow file information through the handheld device and uploads it to the software. On the platform, it realizes the informationization of beef cattle, the standardization of epidemic prevention and immunity, and the standardization of feeding management, improves the modern management level of beef cattle breeding, and provides intelligent data support for the beef cattle industry to create a regional independent brand.


By wearing electronic ear tags on all cattle in the project, all cattle will become "identified cattle", and after the breed identification, high-quality and well-bred beef cattle will be included in the benefit linkage mechanism of enjoying local preferential policies for cattle range, enjoy various types of beef cattle industry development support policies.


2. Data collection: UHF tamper-proof electronic identification


Laipson UHF tamper-proof electronic ear tag is a smart ear tag dedicated to the automatic management of animal breeding, slaughtering and processing of animals such as pigs, cows and sheep. The electronic ear tag has individual identification, data statistics and track control , Behavior management and other functions. The UHF electronic ear tag can record the ear number of each animal together with its variety, source, production performance, immune health status, feeding, reproduction, slaughter, sales and other information, and establish the production management and government supervisor of the enterprise Supervision by the department, to achieve a traceable construction system throughout the process, to show consumers the entire process of food safety production, and enhance the influence of animal husbandry brands.




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