Laipson Laboratory Animal Information Intelligent Management System


The experimental animal information intelligent management system is designed for the identification and management of experimental mice, rabbits, dogs, monkeys, pigs, cats and other large, medium and small experimental animals. The transparency, traceability and precision of various indicators provide data protection.

The advantages of intelligent informatization of laboratory animals:

1.Rapid labeling and grouping of individual experimental animals facilitates accurate identification of experimental animal feeding and use.

2.Track and query the whole life cycle of experimental animal culture, experiment and other data.

3.Reduce artificial contact with experimental animals, improve biosafety rate, and reduce animal stress response.

4.Establish a digital file of physiological and biochemical indicators of experimental animals, which is convenient for statistical analysis of experimental record data.

5.Send data to only the terminal and the background through Bluetooth.

6.The chip is small in size and can be easily implanted under the skin of experimental animals, preventing migration and infection.

7.Unique coding ensures the uniqueness of laboratory animal identities.

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