Animal Marker crayons assist visual management of livestock


Animal Marker crayons assist visual management of livestock farms

Name: Animal marker crayons

Model: MCO1

Material: paraffin/Environmental protection material

Color: Red/Orange/Yellow/Blue/Green

Application:Mark and mark the body of various animals

Size:Ф*H: 30mm*115mm


Package:24pcs/box  10 boxes/carton

Working temperature:-25℃ / +65℃

Storing temperature:-60℃ / +75℃

Product advantages:

1.Safe and non-toxic, imported environmentally friendly non-toxic materials, safe and secure

2.Lipstick rotating type, easy to use without dirty hands

3.Water-soluble and easy to scrub, high-purity paraffin raw materials, modern manufacturing technology

4.Not easy to break, no waste, bright color, soluble in water, more durable

5.Products have excellent cold resistance, and the minus 20 degree test does not affect the product properties,Solved the problem of poor cold resistance of domestic and foreign products

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