FDX/HDX-B Rfid Handheld Animal Ear Tag Reader For Farm Management


FDX/HDX-B Rfid Handheld Animal Ear Tag Reader For Farm Management


Animal Ear Tag Reader Parameters:

Frequency: 134.2khz

Protocol standard:FDX-B HDX ISO11784/5


Charging method:USB

Storage temperature: -30℃-65℃

Operating temperature:-30℃-50℃



Reading distance:FDX-B ear tag: 18cm,

glass tube: 8cm

Data storage:20000item

Sheep Ear Tag Reader Features:

1.Better to identify animals without getting very close to livestock. 
2. Scan rfid ear tags one by one, make sure individual identification easily and accurately. 
3. Many operation languages:  English, 
4.Scan both FDX-B, RFID ear tag.
5. Easy to carry.
6. Convenient to operate.


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