Electric Ear Tag Install Tool Ear Tags Applicators Pliers for Cattle sheep Livestock


Product Features of Electric Animal Ear Tag Plier
1.Automatic vertical pressing, saving time and effort
2.Gear rebound is not easy to bend the needle
3.Reduce animal stress response
4.Working long hours without tiring hands
5.Improve work efficiency

Battery Installation of Electric Animal Cow Goat Ear Tag Tool Plier
1. Open the package and insert the battery pack into the battery pack insertion port of the ear tag pliers.
2. Turn on the power control switch and the battery indicator will show green.
3. Take out the electric ear tag pliers, turn on the battery power switch, and power on the control box for the first time,The buzzer sounds 2 times, pull the trigger 2 times to enter the active state
4. Normal marking: Press the trigger and the jaws are closed. Release the trigger and open the jaws
The jaws are closed: keep pressing the trigger, the buzzer is long and dark as the jaws are closed
The status buzzer sounds to adjust the size of the jaws.


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