Laipson TPU Visual Cow Cattle Rfid Leg TAG Band For Distinguish The Disease


Cattle Leg Band Product Details:



Use:Cattle/pig/sheep/goat/horse/other ear tags

Color:Red/Yellow/blue/green/or OEM


Reference standard:ISO11785/FDX-B

Cow goat Leg Tag Advantages:

1.Top Quality TPU Material:Non-toxic, pollution-free, corrosion-resistant, anti-ultraviolet, oxidation-resistant, no peculiar smell.
2. Easy to clean and reusable.
3. Reusable with lower drop rate
4. Strict quality tests: pull force test, tag installation test, weathering test, corrosion-resistant test, etc.
5. Different colors for flexible choice.
7.Simply wrap around the cow's leg and press together for quick , temporary identification.

8.Leg bands may be written on with a permanent marker pen if required.

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