Ear tags are very important for pig breeding!


Ear tags are very important for pig breeding!

Ear tags are indispensable for any part of breeding work. The development and tracking of breeding programs, sow litter performance, lactation performance, generation interval, growth rate, performance measurement, breeding pig elimination, etc. are inseparable from the ear tag of the pig. For example, according to the current situation of the pig to track the performance of various aspects of the pig or the performance of its ancestors or the performance of its descendants, etc., so as to select, eliminate, and reduce costs according to the situation.


If the ear tag number is wrong, it will not reflect the real situation. It is so serious that there may be no such pig in the breeding pigs. After a long time, there is no evidence to find, resulting in the interruption or loss of data and records, resulting in breeding errors or economic losses. , Corresponding other indicators are Zhang Guanli Dai, which can not accurately show the performance of a pig and other events (such as disease, treatment and medication, return to affection, etc.).


Breeding is the most important part of breeding pig production. If breeding fails, all the work is in vain. The most important thing in the breeding process is the formulation of the breeding plan, which also depends on the breeding pedigree. If the ear tag number of the breeding pig is wrong at any link, it will cause the breeding pedigree to be wrong, and the breeding plan will be wrong or not excellent.

Laipson is the most professional and largest ear tag manufacturer in China. It carries out strict quality control on the raw materials, production process, and quality of the ear tags before delivery, and 100% quality inspection to ensure that the ear tags and number segments are clear, complete, accurate, which greatly reduce the loss of the pasture due to the quality of the ear tag.


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