Henan Province science education base

Heluo Talent Scheme Demonstration Base

Ten beat innovative enterprises of Luolong district

Luoyang Science Popularization Education Base

Luoyang Enterprise Technology Center

Henan Industrial Technology Innovation Platform

Henan Engineering Technology Research Center

abide by the contract and attach importance to credit”publicity enterprise in Henan province

Science and Technology Agency of Henan Province

Luoyang urban and rural integration demonstration zone project construction advanced units

Luoyang Modern Biological Technology Research Institute

High level talent training and innovation incubation base of Luolong district

Henan Science and Technology Agency as “High-tech Enterprise

Henan Postdoctoral Research Base

Henan Engineering Laboratory with the permission of Henan Development & Reform Commission

Famous Trademark in Henan Province

Small & Medium-sized Scientific & Technological Enterprise in Henan Province

Luoyang information industry advanced enterprises

China’s Animal Disease Prevention & Control Center” and “Service Base for RFID Technology Developmen

The animal traceability RFID engineering technology center

Member of Chinese veterinary association

High-growth Private Enterprise

Chinese animal identification industry association member unit

the director unit of Henan IOT industry association