UHF RFID Sheep Manage Ear Tag

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  • model:W-UF301
  • Brand:Laipson
  • Material:BASF TPU
  • Size(M):30mm x 28mm
  • Size(F):L x W= 98mm x 28mm
  • Color:Orange,green,red
  • Frequency:860Mhz
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product description

Model W-UF301-O
Material Top quality TPU
Size(M) L x W= 30mm x 28mm
Size(F) L x W= 98mm x 28mm
Color Orange,green
Frequency 860~960Mhz (UHF)
Reading distance 0~4m by handheld reader
0~8m by fixed panel reader
Reference standard ISO18000-6C
Certificates ISO9001:2021, ISO14001, ROHS
Working temperature -40°C-65°C
Storage capacity EPC: 96bits; User area: 512bits
Application Sheep/cattle/horse/camel/other animals
Package 100pcs/bag, 1500pcs/carton
Remarks Reading distance is related with chip, reader, power and environment. 



1. Group identification function.
2. Read & identify multiple tags at one time.
3. Long-distance identification.
4. Long-term data storage.
5. High speed data transmission makes sure higher efficiency.
6. High security with globally unique ID No.
7. Users are available to encrypt in the storage area.
8. Strict quality tests: pull force test, tag installation test, weathering test, corrosion-resistant test, etc.
9. Global application.
10. EXW factory price.

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Quality Control Test

Reading distance test

Wear resistance test

Heat&cold resistance test

Pulling force test

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