Veterinary marking crayons

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  • model:MC01
  • Brand:LAIPSON
  • Size:L x φ = 115mm x 30mm
  • Color:Red/Orange/Yellow/Blue/Green
  • Application:Marking animal
  • Weight:60g
  • Package:24pcs/box 10boxes/carton
  • Working temperature:-25℃ / +65℃
  • Storing temperature:-60℃ / +75℃
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Model MC01
Size L x φ = 115mm x 30mm   
Ink color Red/Orange/Yellow/Bule/Green
Application Marking animal 
Package 24pcs/box,10boxes/carton




1.Imported environmentally friendly materials, safe and non-toxic, use with confidence.
2.Bright and lasting, smooth writing
3.Rotary lipstick design, easy to use and not dirty hands
4.Plastic packaging, strong and durable
5.The product has excellent cold resistance, and the minus 20 degree test does not affect the product properties.

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