Biggest ear tag manufacturer that covers an area of 11000m2.
The ear tag production workshop is about 5000m2.
Imported BASF TPU materials ensure best quality.
Independent tag molding workshop allows for customization.

Laipson has big horizontal injection machines and 25 production lines, can produce 600,000 sets per day.
Laipson has the first full-closed and dust-free workshop in industry in China, 16 laser printing production lines and can produce 300,000 tags per day.

Laipson has complete quality control system, equiped with pull force machine, friction machine, UV machine, etc.
Pull force,friction test, high and low temperature test,acid and alkali test and color difference test could be done in the QC lab.
The raw material and auxiliary material is chosen and produced following the international and company interior standard to ensure the each product top quality.