First to introduce two-shot injection molding mechine.
Injection molding on the same machine, products mix well.
No color difference.
Increase production efficiency.
High productivity and fast delivery.

We have ability of developing, manufacturing and maintaining mold independently.
We can provide mold customization service for clients,and have a variety of tag mold styles.

We have 25 automatic production lines, and we are the biggest manufacturer in China.
We have the most advanced automatic production technology in China.

We have 16 laser printing production lines, and we can laser print in visual ear tags and RFID electronic ear tags.
We can provide multiple formats, like number, letter, code and logo, ect.
We can encode in RFID electronic ear tags.
Quality control during the laser printing process.
Laser printing information on the ear tags will not fade.

Laipson pays attention to innovation, and has built cooperation with many agricultural unversities for transferring scientific achievements into production.
We are constantly developing new products, and  promote industrialization and marketization of products for the gobal.