After using this Laipson ear tag pen, you don't want to buy another one


The Ear Tag Marker Pen Product Description:

1. The material of the ear tag pen head is made of Japanese acrylic, and a pen head is given as a gift to prolong the service life, no bifurcation, and no ink drying.

2. The main material of the ink is environmentally friendly imported carbon black ink, which has high permeability and waterproof function. It can be well integrated with the ear tag material and has good permeability.

3. Features: non-toxic, high quality, high efficiency, safety, environmental protection

The Ear Tag Marker Pen Advantage:

1. Provide special diagonal-plane pen point. 

2. Ink evenly.

3. Diagonal-plane pen point can control font weight.

4. Fast ink permeability.

5. No solidification on pen point after application.

6. No ink leakage.

The Animal Ear Tag Marker Pen Instructions:

1.Shake the pen body up and down before use to make the ink in the pen tube evenly mixed

2.Pull out the cap of the pen, press the nib upwards for 3 to 4 seconds to exhaust the gas in the pen barrel

3.Hold the barrel of the pen and press the nib down on the piece of paper several times until the ink seeps out and you can use it

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