Laipson Technology helps farmers,ith ear tag,cattle must have "Identity"


Laipson Technology helps farmers,ith ear tag,cattle must have "Identity"

Laipson vigorously implements the management innovation, technological innovation, and has passed the ISO9001, IS014001, GMP and other international standard system.we had obtained over 20 national independent intellectual property patents.

Laipson electronic identification is dedicated to various large-scale farms, wild animals and pets, etc.

The low-frequency electronic ear tag is a radio frequency identification tag working in the low-frequency LF frequency band.

Laipson ear tag outstanding product advantages:

1.Top Quality TPU Material:Non-toxic, pollution-free, corrosion-resistant, anti-ultraviolet, oxidation-resistant, no peculiar smell.
2. Flexible & durable.
3. Lower drop rate.
4. Strict quality tests: pull force test, tag installation test, weathering test, corrosion-resistant test, etc.
5. Different colors for flexible choice.6. Laser printing available.
7. EXW factory price.
8. OEM & ODM service.


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