Laipson Top TPU Animal Cattle Sheep Ear Tag Delivery Before National Day


Laipson Top TPU Animal Cattle Sheep Ear Tag Delivery Before National Day

During the process of ear tag production, products will be neatly placed in cartons, which makes sure partners'orders not mix with each other.

Professional staff will wrap film, and seal cartons in a solid way to assure package intact when partners receive.

Laipson attaches great importance to product quality since 2009. It has independent quality control equipments for raw material quality ,analysis, ear tag pulling force test, friction test, high temperature (60°C) test, low temperature (-40°C) test, reading distance test, color difference comparison test, Acid & Alkali Resistance test, anti-ultraviolet test...All these tests are carried out to make sure best quality for partners all over the world.

The transportation methods of Laipson ear tag products are also relatively diversified, which can be selected by customers and can be shipped in time according to customer needs.


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