Senior Vice Chairman of CP group Xie Bing and his party came to the in-depth exchange of Laipson



On March 9, Xie Bingyi, senior vice chairman of CP Group and founder of China biopharmaceutical, visited Luoyang Modern Biotechnology Research Institute Co. , Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as “Modern biology”) .

Participants also included Sui Xiaodong, vice president of the new business format of CP Group; Chen Guang, vice president of CP Group new business format; Lin Lijia, Secretary of CP Group chairman; and Li Fuqiang, chairman of CP Group Jianlong Co. , Ltd. , zhengda Energy Co. , Ltd. . Chief engineer Wang Chuang, Zhengda Jianlong deputy general manager Tian Lei, Zhengda Jianlong financial director Dong Ying. Wei Bin, director of Luoyang Bureau of Industry and information technology; Yu Litao, deputy director of Luoyang Bureau of Industry and information technology; Wu Tao, Deputy Secretary of Luolong District District Committee and Director of Luoyang Economic Development Zone; and Zhang Hui, director of Luolong District Bureau of Industry and information technology.

The project of Luoyang's modern biological industrialization base focuses on building a national-level research and development center, forming a scientific research industrialization center and Animal Digital Management Center led by a number of national-level import experts, and the high-tech industrial base with the functions of cultivating innovative talents and transforming scientific and technological achievements.

After the project is completed, it will lead the whole industry chain of Biosafety Risk Prevention and control, which will lead the animal digital management and health industry to scale, intensive and intelligent development, we will create a“New highland” for sustainable innovation in bio-industry and form a“New advantage” for innovation-led development.

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