Customization TOP TPU material cattle cow animal ear tag with serial number for cattle


Customization TOP TPU Material Cattle Cow Animal Ear Tag With Serial Number For Cattle

Single Ear Tag Product Details:

MODE:W- VS201-02黑色

Size:L x H = 125mm*78mm

Use: Cattle,cow,sheep,ovine,goat,pig,boar...

Color:Blue,purple,red,orange,OEM colors

Certificates:ISO9001:2021, ISO14001, SGS, ROHS

Working temperature:-40°C~65°C

Package: 50pcs/bag, 2000pcs/carton

Cattle Ear Tag Advantage:

1.Z-type digital ear tag for dairy is non-toxic, non-odor, non-irritating, non-polluting, resistant to hydrolysis, high and low temperature and microbial resistance.

2.Effectively prevent the damage of organic acids, water and salt solutions, and mineral acids. It has abrasion resistance, corrosion resistance,resistance to high and low temperature and other characteristics.

3.Manufacturing company & EXW factory price.

4.Laser printing service is provided.

5.Cartons enclosed in membrane to protect products & cartons from water.

6.Strict quality tests: pull force test, tag installation test, weathering test, corrosion-resistant test, etc.



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