High Stability RFID Pigeon Ring With Chips For Control Management


High stability RFID pigeon ring with Chips for control management

RFID Pigeon Ring Product Details:



Use: Chickens, ducks and geese, all birds

Color:Red/yellow/pink/blue/green/or OEM

Reading range:1-5CM


Certificates:ISO9001:2021, ISO14001, SGS, ROHS

Package:100pcs/bag, 2000pcs/carton

RFID Pigeon Chicken Ring Advantages:

  1. RFID Pigeon Ring Tags are divided into the enclosed type for young pigeons and the snap-in/open type for rfid pigeon ring. Pigeon rings also can be used in Chickens, ducks and geese, all birds for control management.
  2. Especially designed for animal identification,Waterproof ,Small size with long read range required
  3.  High temperature resistance
  4.  High stability over fluctuating temperature



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