Laipson appeared in the 9th Hebei animal husbandry and Veterinary Science and Technology Development



The 2023 was organized by the Hebei Provincial Association of Animal Husbandry and veterinary medicine from December 8 to 10, the ninth Hebei Provincial Conference on the development of animal husbandry and veterinary science and Technology and the beijing-tianjin-hebei Training Conference on the coordinated development of animal husbandry and Veterinary Science and technology, the grand opening of Guoshan Hotel in Shijiazhuang, Hebei province!

The theme of the conference is“Facility animal husbandry, scientific and technological empowerment, innovation-driven, green development”, more than 500 heads and technicians of animal husbandry technology promotion units, basic veterinarians and heads and technical managers of large-scale breeding enterprises attended the meeting.

Luoyang Laipson Information Technology Co. , Ltd. as a sponsor was invited to attend, and set up a dedicated booth in the exhibition area. The company mainly displayed products including foot-and-mouth disease series, pig disease series, cattle and sheep“Two disease purification” series of products and fluorescent microsphere rapid detection equipment, the scene attracted many participants stop to discuss, the atmosphere was warm.

On the morning of the 10th, Bai Xue, technical director of Laipson, was awarded the title of“Most beautiful grass-roots technician” at the certificate awarding ceremony of the“Honor list of Hebei animal husbandry and Veterinary Association”. She led a highly educated, professional ability and enthusiasm of the technical service team, always working in the front line, footprint throughout the country more than 30 provinces, autonomous regions, municipalities, participated in more than 3000 training sessions, a total of nearly 10,000 training sessions, committed to the development of the industry to provide high-quality technical services. Products are loved for their quality and services are trusted for their integrity. Leptos will continue to innovate and provide customers with stable products and quality services as always.

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