Bluetooth Ear Tag Let Livestock Management Become Easy!



In recent years, with people's increasing attention to food safety, ecological environment and other issues, the supervision of biological assets has become an urgent problem to be solved. The traditional means of biological assets supervision are often inefficient, difficult to count, accuracy is not high, and difficult to meet the needs of modern scale intelligent aquaculture. Therefore, the use of advanced Internet of things technology to supervise biological assets, has become the trend of industry development.

The intelligent breeding and wearing equipment, Bluetooth ear tag, is developed and designed by Laipson. The integrated product of Bluetooth low-power technology and advanced temperature sensing technology is used to realize the on-line monitoring and management of individual animals, monitoring the changes of livestock temperature can make the temperature of live animals intelligent, data, visualization, real-time stock-taking, real-time warning of the health status of animals. In addition to the product with temperature and automatic inventory function, so that farmers can always check the specific situation of each cow and sheep, the number of steps, but also to solve the problems of traditional supervision.

Using accelerometer and temperature sensors to gather data on the animals' activity, body temperature and so on, and using BLE communications technology to upload the data to a cloud server, the functions of automatic counting, automatic temperature measurement, automatic step measurement and electronic fence are realized. The health degree of livestock can be calculated by the data of body temperature and step measurement, and the health monitoring function can be realized.

Luoyang Laipson Information Technology Co. , Ltd. was established in 2009, is a collection of animal identification, animal intelligent management system, veterinary testing and diagnostic reagents R & D, production, sales and services as one of the National high-tech Enterprises, state specialized new“Small giant” enterprises, state intellectual property advantage enterprises. It has established the Henan provincial animal and poultry diagnostic reagent engineering and technology research center and the Henan Provincial Systems Engineering Intelligent Sensor Network Research Center.

Equipment Type: BLE402.

Equipment classification: Temperature Measurement, step counting, electronic fence (base station positioning) , automatic inventory, radio frequency identification.

 Equipment classification: Intelligent Ear Tag.

Usage: pig, cattle, sheep, Sika deer.

Communication mode: Ble.

Environmental Temperature: -30 ° C to + 60 ° C.

Temperature measuring range: 0 ° C to + 50 ° C.

Upload Frequency: 20 minutes, easy installation and low cost

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