Electronic ear tags, make the pig farm more efficient breeding!



With the development of pig industrialization and scale upgrading, digital management plays a key role in biosecurity control of pig farms and effective tracking and tracing of pigs in the context of African swine fever.

The traditional pig management relies on the common visual ear tag, which can not be read properly due to the accumulation of dirt for a long time.

Laipson electronic ear tag is based on RFID RFID technology. It can be applied to automatic feeding, automatic grouping, automatic inventory and other information management in various large-scale pig farms. It can satisfy the tracing of epidemic disease and the fine relation of the farm, ensure the healthy breeding of animals, the control of epidemic disease and food safety, and realize the intelligent pig breeding.

Luoyang Laipson Information Technology Co. , Ltd. is a national high-tech Enterprise, which integrates the research, development, production, sales and service of animal traceability mark, animal intelligent management system, veterinary testing and diagnosis reagent, state specialized new“Small giant” enterprises, state intellectual property advantage enterprises. It has established the Henan provincial animal diagnosis reagent engineering and technology research center, the Henan Agricultural and Animal Husbandry Intelligent Sensor Network Systems Engineering Research Center, and the China Animal Digital Management Research and development base.

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