Gather strength to start a new journey,the 2024 annual meeting of Laipson was held grandly



Mr. Wang Shanpu, chairman of the Modern Biology Group, made a brilliant summary for the 2023. Looking back on the road we came back from, we braved all difficulties and had no fear. Only then did we have a little achievement today. This year we adhere to the corporate culture, Brand Impact continued to improve, cohesion practice effective, the work in an orderly manner. Looking to the future, in the face of the complex and changing environment, we must uphold the firm belief, the sense of hardship and the spirit of innovation, for the health of life shoulder greater responsibility. Opportunities and challenges, stand at the new starting point of the 2024, meet new challenges, write a new chapter of Glory!

Focus on crowning glory, witness the power of example. The company recognises 2023 role models, with each honour reflecting the results of passion, dreams and persistence.

Star-studded, glittering, exciting programmes in turn, amazing dance, mime fun, music performance of the New Year Melody, won acclaim.

The excitement of the raffle brought the atmosphere of the annual meeting to a climax, and welfare and good luck ensued, making the Laipson' family feel warm.

With the 2024 of Chinese New Year, Laipson ear tag manufacturer sends its best wishes to the friends from all walks of life who have been supporting and caring for the company: Happy New Year! Good Health! All the best!

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