RFID Microchip Core technology, zero pressure, upending the traditional canine management artifact!


Laipson intelligent dog shelter management information platform this platform has data statistics, dog information storage management, automatic calculation of shelter days, automatic calculation of shelter grants and other functions.

In recent years, with the increasing number of dogs, a series of public safety problems emerge one after another. It is urgent to build an efficient and accurate dog monitoring platform.

In view of the existing problems, Laipson has developed an intelligent information platform for dog management, which adopts RFID embedded electronic chip to manage the dog file information, and realizes the whole process tracking and management of dog information, ensures that the entire life cycle of each dog is fully documented and effectively managed.

The platform also has data analysis and statistical functions. Through the analysis of the collected dog information, managers can understand the number of dogs, breeds, gender and other basic information, so as to better planning and management of dog care. At the same time, the platform can also provide data support to promote scientific and standardized dog management.

Laipson develops supporting products.

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