Science and technology help farmers,precision feeding, starting with every bite of cattle and sheep!


Science and technology help farmers,precision feeding,

starting with every bite of cattle and sheep!


Laipson's digital feed intake monitoring system,The system has 6 functions such as cattle and sheep identification, feed weighing, timing feeding, real-time monitoring and so on.

Feed intake monitoring is a key index to evaluate whether the nutrient and energy intake of livestock meet the nutritional requirements, and also reflects the health status and productivity level of cattle and sheep. At present, the monitoring of feed intake of cattle and sheep is mainly based on artificial observation. The average feed intake of each cow and sheep is estimated by observing the feed consumption of the whole house over a period of time, but it is difficult to monitor the intake of cattle and sheep by artificial observation, which makes it difficult to control nutrition and eliminate the sheep and cattle with low feed conversion rate.

In view of the existing problems, Laipson has developed an automatic and intelligent data acquisition system for the feeding process of cattle and sheep, it can accurately measure the feed of cattle and sheep every day and every time, and calculate the ratio of beef and mutton to feed with the change of the weight of cattle and sheep, so as to improve the economic benefit. Real-time data interaction with other application software systems is realized through an open internet cloud service interface.

Laipson Information Technology Co. , Ltd. is a national high-tech Enterprise, which integrates the research, development, production, sales and service of animal traceability mark, animal intelligent management system, veterinary testing and diagnosis reagent, state specialized new“Small giant” enterprises, state intellectual property advantage enterprises. It has established the Henan provincial animal diagnosis reagent engineering and technology research center, the Henan Agricultural and Animal Husbandry Intelligent Sensor Network Systems Engineering Research Center, and the China Animal Digital Management Research and development base.

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