FDX Rfid syringe with temperature ID microchip pet animal tag for dog pet


134.2khz Rfid syringe with temperature ID microchip

pet animal tag for dog pet

Temperature Animal pet tag Details:



Use:Pet/dog/cow/cattle/sheep/other animals

Color:Red/Yellow/blue/green/or OEM


Reading distance:2~18cm

Reference standard:ISO11785/FDX-B

Temperature Animal ID Microchip Advantages:

1.It can measure the body temperature of the implanted animal in real time and effectively prevent and cure animal diseases.

2. Small size, light weight, simple and convenient implantation.

3. Implanted into the subcutaneous tissue, and long service life.

4. Using integrated bio-glass packaging, the surface has anti-moving bio-coating.

5. Factory EO disinfection, anti-bacterial, anti-allergy, no effect on animal physiology after implantation.

6. Clear identification: provide a unique, immutable identification number, suitable for identification of single animals.

7. The chip does not need power supply. 

8. Using anti-interference radio frequency identification device. 

9. The identification device conforms to the international radio frequency identification standard. 

10. Used in many countries around the world. 

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