LAIPSON pig swine boar ear tag with plier


LAIPSON pig swine boar ear tag with plier


Laipson is biggest ear tag manufacturer in China. It has independent ear tag molding workshop, can not only develop ear tags every year, but also customize for partners.

For pig swine boar ear tags, Laipson produces many kinds with best quality. And the following photos are some popular ear tags among partners.

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48mm*41mm pig ear tag; 28mm*22mm button ear tag

44mm*50mm pig swine ear tag (with metal tip), 28mm*11.3mm button female ear tag

30mm*30mm pig ear tag (male part); 28mm*11.3mm button female ear tag (female part)

28mm*11.3mm button female ear tag; 28mm*22mm button ear tag









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